This site was used to publish previously released comic pages. Now it will be used to publish brand new work, BEFORE they go on sale at ComiXology and Amazon for the Kindle.

In other words, I’m giving them away for free. Every webcomic has done it, and I’ve resisted, but as every ST:TNG fan knows, resistance is futile.

Since I’m drawing fresh new pages, instead of waiting two months to publish the whole issue, I’ve decided to keep eyes on the work by releasing the pages as I finish them, and also, to hold myself to a publishing deadline.

So bookmark this spot for the debut of Issue #12.  You will be able to obtain the previous digital issues at ComiXology & Amazon for the Kindle by clicking the direct links above in the menu bar. Print back issues are still available in very limited quantity, but the future issues will only be printed in collected format, as story arcs finish.

Welcome back for the first time!