In 1982, 5  dorm students were exposed to a substance that gave them the world’s first and only superpowers. Ironic, given that they were attending a school for cartooning art & graphic design.

Known to their class as “The Clinton House Boys,” they lived out their dreams as costumed crimefighters until embarrassment, failure, and the tragic death of one of their own cut their career short.

Now 30 years after the surviving boys have scattered, superpowers are back and mysterious forces are tearing the world apart.

Terry Foster, now a therapist, has his life is threatened by a suspicious accident and soon discovers his former teammate Langston Davis is in combat with superhuman threats as the director of a para-military organization called Department REBUS. Before he can join in the struggle, old wounds must be torn open as Davis reunites him with fiery Nicky Barnes–the one Clinton House Boy who reached the brass ring as a world renown comicbook artist.

If the world is to be saved, they must battle the secrets, lies, and resentments of their past in order to transform a new generation of superpowered victims into heroes.