Hello everyone! 

Trade Paperback Vol. 2 Kickstarter, Now LIVE!

I’m back to fund the continuing issues of my comic, The Power Principle! There’s really no way to express my gratitude to all those who have gotten me this far with every dollar of support and every Like, Love, and Repost/reTweet of my work along the way. I’ve moved to a free webcomic format in order to keep myself motivated and accountable. I continued to tell the stories of my heroes (and previous Kickstarter contribution characters) and have managed to complete four more 24-page full-color comics since the last funding campaign. Now I’d like to make them available in printed format! The funds I raise will make it possible to print the collection of issues 9-12 not only for contributors, but to also have some surplus and begin to attend conventions.

To that end, here are the rewards for your contributions:

The Digital PDF will have all the comic content from the website, which includes the original 1990 comics, consolidated in one file. It will also come exclusively with 11 Character Bios from the website as well. When you contribute at the SCALE 3 EVENT Reward Tier and up, this PDF will be included for free.

Swag Giftpack: A print and a t-shirt. One of these images will be the Print:

Choose one from these 10

And the t-shirt will be black with this on the front:

The Trade Paperback (printed)  

171 Interior Pages + 3 Editorial = 174 interior pgs.

  • Chapter One (Issue 9)– 26 pgs
  • Chapter Two (Issue 10) –26 pgs
  • Chapter Three (Issue 11) –26 pgs
  • Chapter Four (Issue 12)–26 pgs

Insert (Original 1990 Comic)

  • Pt. 1 (Issue 1, Vol 0)-36 pgs
  • Pt. 2 (Issue 2, Vol 0) -31 pgs

The Chapbook (optionally with SKETCH) : In Jon Westhoff & Bobgar Ornelas’ anthology Low Concept 2: Comix Boogaloo, I went back to the drawing board for the first time in about a decade by submitting a 6-page Power Principle prologue story called Captain Planet. (This was before I realized I didn’t want to get sued.) In the Chapbook, I reprint that story, and because I like the idea of showing artistic progress (or am too severe on myself for the first version), I will include the new version with those pages.

Original panel…

… new version in progress.


This will be a 5.5’ X 8.5’, 16-page book (with a cover, 12 art pages, and extra blank pages for sketches).   Please note: While there are plenty opportunities to get a Chapbook in Tier 5, Tier 7, and Tier 9, THERE WILL ONLY BE 20 CHAPBOOK SKETCHES DONE; 10 for Reward 6 and 10 for Reward 8. This is to help me stay timely to distribute the rewards by the target month.

Cameo Appearance Your likeness will appear and namechecked in upcoming issues, starting at #13. This has been fulfilled for all cameo contributors in previous campaigns.  

You get a STORYLINE in upcoming comic arcs. This means I take yourself (or someone you designate, by their consent) and place them in the book as a central character of a plot and story that I devise, ranging from 1-3 issues long, depending on the story’s needs. This has always been a joy of mine, and is actually how The Power Principle was created. Now, I continue the theme of exploring the dramatic change that happens when these powers enter people’s lives. When I’ve scripted you in, I’ll contact you and run the details by you. If you have any strong objections to what I’ve planned for your character, I’ll gladly shift your character to a new storyline to suit you better.

Risks and challenges

The challenge is in getting the STORYLINE REWARD to the comic page in a timely manner. I hope for the day when I can hire an art team to help produce issues faster and fulfill the reward sooner, but as long as I’m able to write & draw, those rewards will be fulfilled– even if The Power Principle gets picked up by another publisher for distribution.

Since I do The Power Principle 100% digitally now, the sketches inside the Chapbook will be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to knocking the cobwebs off and finding my pace again for tabling at comic conventions!

But there’s no problem in getting your trade paperback to a printer — it’s already drawn and waiting to go!