This flashback begins where Issue #2, pg 13 left off.

New edit:

I’d like to just add in some thoughts here, which aren’t really relevant to today’s comic page, but is related to the medium of comics. I want to record my congratulations and profound thanks to this week’s episode of Supergirl. WARNING, THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH IS A SPOILER FOR THE 11/14/16 EPISODE OF SUPERGIRL CALLED “CHANGING.” SKIP TO THE PARAGRAPH BELOW TO AVOID IT. The journey of Alex Danvers moves me like a 9.5 earthquake, half because Chyler Leigh‘s performance was incredible and half because of my identification with her character’s self-discovery. And not just her self-discovery, but her exact experience with Maggie Sawyer. I wasn’t ready to re-visit that kind of heartbreak, but am immensely grateful to see that I’m not the only one that it happens to. Which, of course I’m not the only one–but it always seems to feel that way, doesn’t it?

We, as writers, have viewpoints and experiences that we feel are important, and we clearly use our works of fiction to express those experiences. So I went to imdb to find a link to the Supergirl episode in order to link it to my thanks here, and found instead, the message board section where some posts decried the episode for pushing a “social justice agenda.”  I guess that will always happen. People seem so threatened when creators put lifestyles unlike theirs into the work that they are consuming. But they never seem to realize that we represented people have been consuming media about lifestyles that are unlike our own all of our lives. Now when we get represented, and have a chance to see ourselves in the work, we have to put up with complaints about it. Because we can’t just be decent to one another, and care for one another, I suppose.

And that’s just another feature of the terrain I have to navigate across in this thing called My Life. So, reader beware: I believe in social justice. I think that’s what the genre of superheroes is all about. What’s right in the world needs defending against what’s wrong in the world. That’s the genre I’ve chosen to work in. If you didn’t know that before, you do now. So let me either welcome you to my work, or wish you good luck with the rest of your life without it.

I gotta be me. I’ve tried the alternative.